If one assumes basic markmaking is as unique to the human being as a heartbeat, running gait or sleep pattern, can it be similarly quantified, recorded and studied? Would it enable one to establish any sort of deeper, metaphysical “meaning” behind one’s art, and if so, what would it be? Through drawing, painting and printmaking, I investigate methods in which the most elemental human markmaking information, lines and loops, can be cataloged and recorded for future analysis. As the artwork is secondary to its documentation, I also comment on the consequences of obsessively producing and collecting this data and the associated physical detritus created.
Damon Campagna is a second-year MFA 2D candidate at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He received his BFA in painting with Departmental Honors from Rhode Island College in 2016 and was awarded an Antonio Cirino Memorial Fellowship in 2017. He held a solo exhibition at AS220 in March, 2017 and will take part in a three-person show at Providence’s Chazan Gallery in January, 2019.
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