From the project proposal: "In a metaphorical attempt to record one’s self, I propose assembling a photographic darkroom scenario where every print and negative within is replaced with one image of 8 marks (two rows of four and four). This would be arranged in a similar manner as the darkroom in Michelangelo Antonioni's 1965 film, Blow Up. The main character, played by David Hemmings, lives a debauched but meaningless life as a professional photographer, but is left empty and searching for meaning. His only time of true purpose is while he is working in his darkroom. When David accidentally photographs a murder, the film converts to the protagonist finding answers of a different kind, which also provides his life with another purpose (survival). I would hope the viewer, who might not recognize this reference, would be impressed with a feeling of unease and sense of the uncanny, where every single image found in the space would be of exactly the same, banal and generic configuration."

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