Survey of an Artist’s Work Produced in 2018 and 2019 with Documentation and Finding Aid, 2019
Paper, thumbtacks, wood, carbon film, clipboards, binders, embossing tape
From the MassArt 2019 Graduate Thesis Book: "...I posit our identities are the sum of our corporeal self, plus the possessions we also identify as self – the extended self. As artists, we collect ourselves through our work, and thus the art exhibition is also an extension of identity. My thesis installation is a distillation of these ideas. It acts as a discreet exhibition space, a museum of self, a memorial to a body of work, a reliquary of a period in my life, as well as a scientific attempt to quantify and catalog one’s being through mark-making. The tension between these different philosophies and my artwork has been the focus of my practice in my time at MassArt."

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